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Ultrasound & Therapy

Ultrasound is a diagnostic tool used to evaluate various organ systems. Similar to a radiograph (x-ray), it allows visualization of abdominal and chest organ structures. It gives a more detailed internal image of organs compared to radiographs alone. Ultrasound is non-invasive and non-painful and can almost always be performed without any sedation. It is commonly used to evaluate the liver, spleen, urinary tract and heart. Our Doctors also use ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy earlier than can be done using x-rays.

K Laser
Our K Laser is a Class IV laser that uses light of specific wavelengths to increase circulation and decrease inflammation in damaged tissue and cells. The results are a decrease in pain and a more rapid healing time, thus improving the overall health of the tissue.

The K Laser has been extensively studied and tested and has been proven to be effective for many conditions including arthritis and joint pain, muscle sprains, post surgical pain, chronic wounds, skin burns and back pain (disk disease).
The use of the laser is non painful so no sedation nor restraint is necessary. Each treatment lasts anywhere from 4-16 minutes depending on the location and type of injury.

Improvement is often seen after the first treatment, but most patients require a series of treatments for the greatest benefit. The Doctor can discuss the best treatment plan for your pet.